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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Here are the main general marketing predictions for 2018 you should get prepared to and begin to think about from now on.

1. Mobile and video consumption will raise

Mobile consumption is growing year by year. It is not a secret for you that your consumers spend their lives staring at their phones.

2018 plans 25% growth for video consumption. Therefore, it wil be crucial to include a mobile video strategy in your marketing plans.

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2. Social media strategy will be key to reach new followers

When people are on their phone, they spent most of their time on social media.

Building a community of followers and reaching your intended audience on social media is getting harder as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media are constantly updating their algorithms.

Textual and video content are the focus and they need to get to the right audience. 2018 will be the year for strategic social media plans.

3. Contextual marketing will grow

Everything is related to the context. And social media or search advertising strategy would be nothing if you don’t take into account contextual marketing.

Knowing when your consumers graduate, get married, or are expecting a child and becoming parents, will allow you to target the right people at the right moment in their lives. You will increase the conversions as they will be targeted to see your products or services exactly when they need them.

4. The use of voice searches will increase

Voice search can be used by consumers with all the devices they own : from their phones and tablets to their laptops and desktop computers.

People who make voice searches will tend to say conversational phrases out loud, such as “best vegetarian restaurant in Brussels vs. the written form which was “vegetarian restaurant Brussels” It means it will be essential to optimize the voice searches by focusing on the long-tail keywords.

And the day voice will be the only way of answer, only one result will remain, the first one !

5. Generation Z will be your target

Related to the previous points, you can no longer put aside “new” social media such as Snapchat as they are probably used by your target, or by their child who can stand as major influencers to their parents.

Generation Z influence their parents to buy new technologies such as new phones and tablets, fashionable clothes and to travel in exotic countries, as adventure trips have never been more trendy than today.

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