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Digital Week @ Googleplex Brussels

blue2purple wants you to be part of the Digital Week!
7 topics – 7 speakers – 7 ways to get insightful & inspired .

2 disruptive days designed especially for you: the first around Digital Strategy, the second about Measurement. Followed by three days of hands-on workshops designed for our advertisers.

To end this amazing week, we’ll close with a TGIF on Friday October the 6th. You’re welcome starting 16:00.

Choose your preferred day …or not ‘cause choosing is losing!

Take a look at the agenda:

October the 2nd

14:00 How to lead innovation in your company when you’re not in the driver’s seat
by Cedric Donck, Founder of Virtuology Group

15:00 How can you push your agency to become a digital front runner
by Laurence Baeten, Client Service Director

15:30 Stay on the ball: You need a Digital MKT Strategy to create the most performing Tactical Media Plans
by Erna Kuc, Digital Strategy Manager

October the 3rd

14:00 DMP & CRM onboarding : are you covering all the basics?
by Gaëtan Godart, Client Service Director

14:30 Are you using your data to its full potential?
by  Nicolas Beguin, Head of Operations

15:00 The difference between an impactful video and a meaningless clip: what’s your ROVideo?
by Dimitri Devroe, Broadkat Video Consultant

15:30 Online video and measurement with Youtube
by Anabella Arquati, Google Senior Analytical Consultant

October the 6th

16:00 Wrap-up and TGIF

We hope to see you there!
the blue2purple team

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