Do you know that Pinterest is a planning platform that leads to conversions?

If you think Pinterest is dead, you’ve never been so wrong! It is in fact well alive and kicking. This platform reaches almost 250 million people worldwide and is the 5th most active social network in Belgium. According to Pinterest, 2,2 million Belgians use this platform on a monthly basis. And guess what? Recently Pinterest has rolled out its advertising platform in Belgium!

Inspiration & buying

Pinterest is inspirational when you are searching after new ideas to enhance your daily life, but it is also a buying platform. In the contrary to most other platforms, people are actively looking for inspiration that can be fulfilled by your product or service. Under these circumstances, they are unconsciously expecting to find you and are ready to buy things that they are looking for. Showing your ad here will be perceived as less intrusive.

90% of its users say that Pinterest is the source of inspiration for their next purchase. Besides this, 55% of Pinterest’s users use this platform to look for or buy products, according to Skleinder Perkin’s trends report of 2016. This is proportionally 5 times more than on other social platforms. This doesn’t mean that advertising on other platforms is less efficient. You have to keep in mind where you can find your audience on which platform, in which phase of the funnel.

Of the reasons for this huge difference could be the fact that 75% of all pins come from a brand and that half of its users don’t even realise this. Pinterest is a good way to make your brand known, to get people to discover your brand while appearing non-intrusive.

On top of this, according to Pinterest, 77% of weekly Pinners (in the United States) discovered a new brand or product while using Pinterest.


Whereas Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter make you relive past events and live day by day, Pinterest is used to plan future ideas by for example pinning.  Pinterest is a planning platform where seasonality is the center of all attention.

Imagine dreaming about summer vacation, sunglasses on your nose,… The first thing you do is ask around if they have an idea about a beautiful place to go to. After that, you will look for the monuments to visit, beautiful walks through nature,… You are actually looking for inspiration. This is where Pinterest jumps in.

In America, the peak on Pinterest starts in February and ends in August. This indicates that the seasonality can take up to several months on this platform. It is the opportunity for you to show up and drive conversions.

This indicates that Pinterest covers in fact the whole funnel.

“Pinterest offers you, as an advertiser, the opportunity to find people who are actively looking for inspiration and are more ready to buy. Besides this, half of its users don’t realize when a pin comes from a brand. It proves to be a platform with a lot of possibilities, we just need to use it at the right moment.” Femke Deweer, our Social Advertising Expert.

hootsuite, 2018

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