Big news : out-of-home inventory is now available through programmatic buying

As you probably saw in the Media Marketing specialized press, JCDécaux announced in July that DOOH inventory can be bought through several DSP’s. Already 850 screens are available for programmatic buying and this number will keep increasing in the months and years to come.


Why is it a big news? 


First of all, let’s take a look at figures regarding DOOH: 

  • According to PQ media, DOOH ads represented up to 28.3% of all OOH ads in 2019. Moreover, the same study stated that by 2023, the growth of DOOH compared to global OOH ads could rise by 38.3%.
  • The same english study stated that DOOH ads became the main reason why OOH ad’s spend grew globally in 2019.
  • Furthermore, it showed that DOOH ads are “2.5 times more impactful” compared to static OOH ads. 


Why buy DOOH through programmatic? 


It is also important to point out the added-value for any digital agencies and/or advertisers of this specific channel. This new way of advertising provides a certain automation in the buying process therefore key players such as media agencies, advertisers and trading desks can now offer a more consolidated and thus unified strategy across the entire digital ecosystem. 


Last but not least, advertisers and media agencies are no longer bound to buy specific frames or days, they can now buy by screen and by hour offering more flexibility, efficiency and transparency. 

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