Our Philosophy

blue2purple was the first Google partner agency in Belgium. Our goal is to make the web the most lucrative sales channel of our advertisers. Strategy, Tactics and Analysis are our key words. Through our Business Intelligence unit we develop client strategies which are translated into operational plans. Once all plans are deployed, the results of the different campaigns are analysed and used to adapt and improve the strategy.

“Our goal is to make the web the most lucrative sales channel of our advertisers.”

Our strength lies in our expertise in the different products and tailor made solutions that form the base of our strategic thinking. If you have an eCommerce or an eBusiness you came to the right address, our multilingual team will be glad to help you.



An efficient synergy for the NDBB (Never Done Before in Belgium), recommendations adapted to each sector, and steady support when it comes to international benchmarks, the collaboration between Google and blue2purple is an ongoing affair.

Through collateral proactiveness and technological adherence to the most recent innovations in management platforms, the evolution of SEM towards performance marketing in its broadest sense implies a willingness to participate in ongoing training. The constant dialogue between us and the Google Team helps expand our mutual understanding of the stakes in Programmatic Buying.

Roel Naessens, Industry Leader, Google Belgium congratulates blue2purple for the certification: « Today we do not « go on the internet » anymore, we live on the internet. Each day, billions of people from all over the world live their lives through multiple screens and devices that enable them to satisfy their wishes and needs online. For Marketeers, this means the opportunities keep growing. The possibilities of interaction with the target are numerous, they provide them with relevant information. Here is when the aspect of effective measurement kicks in. Google Analytics unveils the full profile of the consumer through advertising, videos, social networks, websites, tablets, smartphones and so much more. We are happy to welcome blue2purple amongst our new Google Analytics Certified Partners in Belgium. »

Virtuology International

Founded by Cedric Donck, Virtuology International is a holding whose purpose is to bring together all companies that share related areas in the field of digital expertise. Along with his associate Pierre-Alexandre Losson, the tandem’s goal is to invest in the talents of each entrepreneur without prioritizing short-term exit strategies. Strong ethical values, good governance and sound management have earned the group a 100% score rate with regard to the start-ups that have been created, accelerated or merged. The activities initially piloted from Brussels now extend to other geographic hubs in Antananarivo, Madagascar and Paris, France, and will soon be under way in Montreal, Canada. Leading firms such as blue2purple, Mobilosoft and Smartelia are springboards for start-ups like Virtuology Academy, Stylonomy and Broadkat.

Visit the Virtuology website to consult the list of all our group entities.


Mobilosoft helps retailers generate traffic for their local outlets. To do this, Mobilosoft provides the retailers with mobile marketing and geolocalisation tools that allow them to communicate via the Web (Google, Facebook, websites, Foursquare, mobile sites, apps, etc.) They can thus promote their businesses: sales outlets, products, promotions, events, etc. Through this form of communication, the consumers can easily find what they are looking for (products, promotions) wherever they are looking for them: close to home, in the office or wherever they may be.

“Mobilosoft helps Retail companies drive web-to-store traffic into their physical stores.”

– Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO


BroadKat develops the best video strategy based on strong concepts and consistent creative content. We attach importance both to the aspect of the creation, as to the execution of all digital supports. Our primary objective is to align the perception with the image that our customers want to distribute. At each stage of the development of a video campaign we ensure a perfect balance between the message and the brand promise. The alliance between the BroadKat and blue2purple teams allow us to offer an extensive service where measurement performance is an integral part of the creative dynamic.


Scinetik is an e-business counseling agency whose mission is to ensure the perennial and profitable development of their clients’ online commercial activities.
Scinetik bases all of their recommendations on data analysis. This data comes from many sources: webanalytics, buying behavior, CRM data. The agency then recommends strategic and operational improvements for all the business drivers from conquest to customer loyalty and including site conversion and its many devices: cell phones, tablets, PC, TV…)
Besides counseling and implementation, Scinetik provides each of its clients with the means to run their business and drive its performance over the long term, via skills development and training.
Scinetik also offers professional training in e-business and WebAnalytics.

More than SEA

Red Cross

Over the years, supporting the Red Cross has become a tradition at blue2purple. Every team member participates in one way or another in encouraging people to give blood. More recently, we have been working with the Red Cross to hold blood donation drives right in our office building. Doctors and nurses come for a full day to welcome and inform the public on the very real need for this special type of generosity. Given the success of our May 2017 drive we decided to repeat this operation. Check our Facebook page for our next blood donation day!

 “It should be recalled that only 10% of the population regularly gives blood whereas 70% will need it one day or another.”

– Thomas Paulus, Blood Services Department – Belgian Red Cross


Thanks to the mobilization of the blue2purple team members, friends and family, partners, the Saint-Vincent school in Soignies, Saint-Joseph school in Naast and the Brussels International Catholic School, we met our (somewhat crazy) goals to collect two tons of pasta and rice by Christmas for a small school in Burkina Faso. Aware of the actions carried out by Education Without Borders (EWB), the food we collected insured that the school could serve lunch for the year. This is sometimes the only meal a school kid gets all day, just a bowl of rice. We thank everyone who participated in this operation.

Doctors of the World

Always ready to assist, I like to take on challenges if it’s to help a good cause! My latest success to date was for a humanitarian organization that brings health care to the most fragile populations: Doctors without Borders. My contribution was to participate in the “Brussels 20km” race last May 26. I set my personal goal at under 2 hours. Easy enough, it just took a little training… a lot in fact. But I did it, in 1.57.00! I can’t hide my satisfaction at helping that NGO with the funds I raised that came to 250 Euros. In short, I’m always ready to accept a challenge. This little text was in fact written with my new moustache – yes, I am the Movember! What’s next?

Brussels Invest & Export

Brussels Invest & Export is the strategic partner for Brussels-based exporters and foreign investors throughout their process of international expansion, adding value and creating jobs in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Through its network based in Brussels and abroad, Brussels Invest & Export promotes and supports companies’ international expansion. It provides a shop window for Brussels to trade with the world and for the world to trade with Brussels.