Web Analytics

Having a webmetrics tool today is non-negotiable. To do smart digital marketing, you need to have big data.

At blue2purple we have the knowledge to work with various webmetrics platforms. We offer a full technical implementation, as well as the business intelligence consultancy to help you convert your big data into smart data, and get actionable insights for your business.

We’ll be able to help you with following services:

  • Audit : a complete review of your business is performed. In this first stage, along with the advertiser, we define the objectives and needs and develop a complete measurement strategy.
  • Tracking : we’ll provide you an optimised tracking code and a full implementation guide. If need be, we can coordinate the implementation part with your IT department. Once the tags are placed on the website, a complete check is executed by our webmetrics team.
  • Webmetrics platform set-up : the action-points derived from the audit are put into place: Goals – Events – Social tracking – Enhanced eCommerce
  • Dashboard : tailor-made reports are created in your webmetrics platform, these will help you to take concrete actions according to your channel,… results, …. Furthermore an external dashboard can be developed, in order to have an integrated view of all your channels (on & offline), in order for you to be able to take action in every department of your business.

Once this is put in place you’ll be able to measure the success of all your campaigns and channels and make smarter decisions about where to invest.