Engage your consumers where they already are

Personalised experiences lead to fewer product returns, increase revenue or even drives impulse purchases. Knowing what your customer desires or needs has a direct impact on his decision to choose you instead of your competitor.

The chat client plug-in for websites of Facebook messenger arose a strong customers’ emotion by giving them the sense of exclusiveness. This system encourages customers to interact directly with the company on its website and helps create a single experience. It will increase the chances of conversion and enables to continue the conversation even after they have left your webpage. As soon as a user visits the website, the message loads and displays the chat history if there is one. Otherwise a welcome message is displayed to welcome the connected person.

For us it would be an opportunity and the time for brands to dive in, is now! t’s an opportunity to give more information to customers, offer them the best solution for their businesses and to promote customer loyalty.

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