Entertainment : Could the Coronavirus be a lever of change in the digital world?

When there is a risk for you or your family, as humans, we have a survival instinct. We inform ourselves about the potential dangers we could face off and how this risk could have an impact on our daily life. To preserve their habits, people tend to stockpile exaggeratedly certain products such as toilet paper, pasta or rice as if we were under siege. But they also stockpile elements that are essential for our hospitals such as masks or hydroalcoholic gel. 


As a result of these outbursts of fear disseminated through social networks, word of mouth and rumours circulating within our respective populations, we have noticed that people have a propensity to go on search engines and social media to entertain themselves. 


According to Global Web Index, 68% of consumers are searching for coronavirus updates on the internet. Everyone is looking for any additional information to be able to firstly protect themselves in the face of this pandemic. But to what other purposes exactly? Not the ones you could expect. 

  • Listen to music (71%) seems to be more important than searching for coronavirus updates for the GenZ (67%)
  • Watching movies or shows (49%)
  • Playing games on mobile devices (40%)
  • 1 in 5 millennials are searching for vacations


The beginning of 2020 was characterized by a shift in the way media is consumed by all demographics. People are desperately in need of a change of scenery, new hobbies and activities and often in a group. The activities that keep us in touch with close relatives. 


Consuming media is one important element of this lockdown, but producing media is another and it has increased in recent weeks namely on YouTube and Tik Tok. Which represent a new way to get and keep contact with a certain group of audience. 


Another thing that stands out during this period of self-isolation is that people are spending more time on different devices at home and especially on their smartphones or tablets. This fact is a real opportunity for brands to reach their audience on social networks or on Google searches or even on music streaming platforms. For example, people watching films on streaming services while texting on a messaging platform has become standard.


These statistics could be a lever of change if your business is working in these fields and on multiple devices. Consumers are turning to in-home entertainment on multiple channels and devices at once which represent an opportunity for brands to reach their audiences on various type of devices. But it also allows you to interact with them and keep them engaged with the content.


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