Facebook tests a separate newsfeed : the Explore Feed

With two distinct locations for the publications, Facebook is experimenting a new distribution of its platform across six different countries. While the current news feed hosts updates from friends and sponsored publications, the Explore Feed shows page updates that have not been sponsored.

This alternative newsfeed aims to show new content and additional articles, videos and information personalized according to people’s interests : the same type of content they previously interacted with as well as similar pages and groups which they currently follow and are active in.

In its press release, Facebook announces that tests are currently active in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia.

This new Facebook Explore Feed aims to become a new browser, to convince people to make their research on Facebook.

It will undoubtedly lead companies to rethink their web communication strategy on Facebook by implementing quality campaigns and stimulating posts that will trigger interactions. Of course, publishers will therefore have to look into having a thorough social presence and this will therefore come with a strong paid media strategy on these networks.

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