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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads : Optimized Ads for e-commerce

Facebook launched in February new ads that would allow advertisers to dynamically generate multi-product ads to website users or app users.

This new type of Ad unit will help to advertise specific types of products that your e-business sells. With these ads advertisers will be able to promote certain ads to certain customers depending on their action on the retailers website.

They will come in 2 different formats

  1. The first one will let marketers show different categories of products that highlight different products and elements. According to Facebook, this ad format will also allow us to show the different aspect of a product. It will allow up to 5 items to be shown.
  2. The second ad type will depend on the customers altercation with the website and the app. It will work with both single and multiple products.

In order to have these ads the advertiser will have to upload his product catalogue to Facebook Business Manager, then create a list of products that he will want to advertise.

He will then have to set up his custom audience pixel so that he can track viewed, added or purchased products. Then a template will be created for the ads and it will dynamically fill the ads with proper products.

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