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Facebook – Silicon Valley Study Trip in San Francisco : blue2purple, the only Belgian representative invited

Our Digital Strategy Manager, Lisa Diamant has been the only Belgian actor invited at the Silicon Valley Study Trip in San Francisco (USA), which was organized by Facebook Netherlands in collaboration with TEDxWomen Amsterdam, among a group of 30 Power Women from the Netherlands.

The goal? Meet and exchange with businesswomen and companies at the top of various industries and understand the struggles and successes in terms of Diversity and Inclusion in this fast moving digital world. During these 4 days of training, Lisa had the opportunity to meet many influential actors in the digital marketing sector such as Facebook, Salesforce, Uber and Linkedin and create special bonds with them to learn how they project themselves in the future in terms of technology, but also the steps they’ve taken towards Diversity & Inclusion in their company to make it a better workspace.

Having international exchanges like this is a crucial factor for growth in our sector. Moreover, the fact that we have been invited as the only Belgian representative shows recognition and support for the growth of our agency coming from Facebook, which we are very grateful for. It is also a factor of success and credibility for a company like ours, because these opportunities are extremely rare and allow us to access knowledge from key players in the sector and understand how they got to where they are today.

Having the opportunity to combine the technological aspect with the human side of a company full of diversity and put a focus on the well-being of the employees is truly unique. Furthermore, the fact that this session was only available for women created a strong and inspiring connection.

Some key takeaways:

  • Bias gets in the way of our ability to unlock the benefits of diversity for innovation, by introducing an error in the assessment of talent
  • The “Gender revolution” as they call it has actually stalled since the 90’s! (Stanford University Data)
  • In Silicon Valley, men hold 79% (!!!) of executive positions (73% of executive positions are held by white men) (Stanford University Data)
  • The Blueprint for change:
    •  Diagnose the way gender bias embeds itself in people, processes and everyday interactions
    • Design and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions to block bias
    • Pilot interventions and test new ideas to accelerate change
    • Scale tools to drive broad change

For those of you doubting the figures: try searching for “CEO” in Google Images, see what comes out… 😉

We at blue2purple are lucky to work in a diverse and including environment not lead by stereotypes or bias, but there’s still a long way to go in general. At our offices, in Brussels and Madagascar, 45% of our employees are female and at a decision making level, the ratio is actually 50/50 (in our BE offices only, 67% are actually women at this level!). Moreover, a lot of blue2purple’s employees come from different backgrounds and cultures (43% of our employees are not white!) which allow us to develop interpersonal relationships without any stereotypes or preconceptions. This diversity within our offices helps us to take a step back from some misunderstandings or confusion that could appear when we have to solve a problem/create a new process…

One of our strengths at blue2purple is that our employees are coming from different cultures. This helps us to understand certain situations where the point of views could be different.

“Having the honor of meeting such incredible women and companies, hearing about their struggles and successes in terms of combining the technological and human side of their successful businesses to grow into the best possible version of themselves was so inspiring. It makes you want to be a better person and a better businesswoman. I’m very grateful for this life changing experience.” Lisa Diamant, our Digital Strategy Manager.

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