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Five Google features with a high potential


Google keeps updating Adwords, adding new features, removing ones that don’t work and changing how these functions work. It is no surprise that Google Adwords still contains a lot of secrets for many people.

Here are 5 features with a high potential:

1. Display ad builder.

Text ads usually have a much lower CTR than display ads. These lower CTR text ads can cost you as a marketeer a lot of money. With the display ad builder, you don’t need to have any graphic designer skills. All you need to do is let Google do almost all of the work for you. In no time you will have attractive banners with a higher CTR.

2. Layering Demographic Targeting

With Google’s demographic targeting you can view performance based on a variety of demographics like age and gender. When you turn on Demographic Combinations you can layer these different demographics to see metrics like CPC, CTR, impressions and many more.

3. Automation

Automation saves us time; helps prioritize actions and many more. However you need to be careful while using automation because it can blow things up. If applied incorrectly it can cause huge difficulties.

4. Adwords Reporting

4.1.   The Top vs. Other report.

This report is found in the campaign, ad groups, keywords and ads tabs in the “Segment” dropdown. It shows your performance at either the Top positions or other positions so you can see which slots actually work.

4.2.   The Top movers report.

This report is found in the “Dimensions” tab, under the “View” dropdown. You can compare the current time period to a previous one and see your performance across four categories: Costs, Clicks, Conversions and Converted Clicks.

4.3.   Segment by Distance report.

This report is found in the dimensions tab and shows you where your customers come from. With this data you can adjust you bid strategy to get higher conversion clicks within a specific radius of your business.

5. New Ad Extensions

Only a few marketeers are using ad extensions at their full capacity. Ad Extensions help improve Quality Score and lower costs.


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For more information on these five features visit https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/10/27/google-adwords-features

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