Enhancing The Google Display Network


A few weeks ago we explained why it is important for an advertiser to be there when the Search happens and how mobile presence plays an important role in this consumer behavior change. That’s why Google  introduced the 4 moments, which we explained in our blogpost: “Being there when search happens”. Now Google is introducing three new tools to enhance its Google Display Network (GDN) in order for advertisers to be there at the right moment.

Audience Insights:

Knowledge is power. When you, as an advertiser, know your customer you can take better decisions to make the most out of your marketing strategies. AdWords audience insights give advertisers thorough information about people’s interests, locations, device usage and demographics. All of these reports are available in AdWords under the Display network tab. With these informations you can easily adapt your targeting to reach the right person.

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Here’s an actual example from Inside AdWords:

“BASE, a Belgian telecommunications company, used AdWords audience insights and discovered cycling enthusiasts were twice as likely as the average customer to buy a mobile phone subscription. Based on this insight, BASE engaged with cycling enthusiasts on the GDN and doubled its conversions. BASE now uses AdWords audience insights to inform its campaigns, online and offline.”

100% viewability:

56% of all display ads weren’tviewed because they were below the fold, scrolled out of view, or in a background tab. Now, Google AdWords is changing its GDN platform, so advertisers only pay for an ad impression when it was viewable. You no longer pay for impressions without impact. All Campaigns that buy on a CPM basis will be upgraded to Viewable CPM.

Improved Dynamic remarketing ads:

With different devices, different shapes and sizes, ads need to be flexible so they can be displayed accross different placements. AdWords now automatically re-shapes and re-sizes your ads to fit all device types. Ads are also improved to always look great on any mobile or desktop site, or app. But don’t worry you still have control to make changes based on your preferences.

Source: https://adwords.blogspot.be/2015/09/Enhancing-the-google-display-network.html

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