How to align your advertising strategy with new TV audience behavior?

It seems obvious that over the years the way people consume video has changed, your audience is splitted towards different channels mainly because of the emergence of online TV.   Indeed it seems that alternative TV is getting more and more attention over the last few years. When looking at streaming, we see that more people than ever are watching TV, series and movies. From video on demand (VOD) to Youtube watching, the consumption of video is spreading over different channels, broadening the opportunities for advertisement.   Not surprisingly, the go-to platforms are YouTube and Facebook, but the major local news sites and video on demand are also widely used.   Thanks to different Supply Side Platforms (SSP), you can advertise on all these channels, enabling you to target the audiences that don’t consume traditional TV anymore. To only name a few, Freewheel, Spotex and Magnite offer you in Belgium the possibility to target your audience on Video on demand channels.   Let’s have a closer look at numbers:    In september 2020, 83% of TV consumption in South Belgium and 78% in the North was still on linear or addressable TV.1* When you look at it closer, you also see that linear TV represents only half of the video consumption of Belgium’s (50,4% for the french speaking and 47,9% for the flemish) and this number drops to 28% for the 18-24 years old.2*   Watching online videos is now almost as common as watching traditional TV – and even more widespread among the younger generations.  Traditional TV is still going strong – but mostly among the older generations.    Despite more people being home after the lockdown, fewer people are watching TV than before the COVID-19 outbreak. Or at least fewer people are watching traditional TV with a third claiming to watch less TV compared to last year. 3*    More than a generation split, a recent study case, has shown that despite the wide audience linear TV gives you, some important part of people are only very light TV viewers. A big part of young, college educated, with a high income are very difficult to reach with TV. With an online TV advertisement strategy you can increase your chance of reaching a wider spectrum of your audience. 4*   In a 2019 Advertiser Perceptions study, buyers saw both digital video and advanced TV as 2 of the 3 best channels to augment their linear TV reach.5*   Today, advertising on both linear and online TV is the key to a complementary advertising strategy as we are slowly shifting to reach a potential equal division of the two channels by 2030.5*    1*   2*   3* Audience Project Insights 2019   4* Google/Nielsen study, 2012   5* Study from Council for premium video/ Freewheel comcast company, 2020

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