How to maximise your campaign level conversion on Google Ads?

Setting up an account and campaigns in Google Ads takes a lot of steps, and conversion tracking is a crucial one. When your managing an e-commerce, the conversion seems pretty straight forward. The total conversion value, to calculate your return on ad spend. But of course not all marketing on Google Ads is done for e-commerce sites. Some build awareness, create lead generation, or … have a mix of different goals.

This is where campaign level conversion comes in. Previously, if an advertiser had campaigns with seperate goals and wanted to optimise bidding for different ones, they had to split those campaigns over different accounts. Conversions were at the account level, and every campaign had to optimise bidding to the same conversions. Now, marketeers have to option to overwrite at the campaign level which conversions to track and optimise for. A welcome change for anyone working with multiple marketing budgets for different departments and needing to attain different goals!

“Campaign level conversions is a no-brainer for people working on large accounts. Hopefully this will simplify setups in different cases and centralise data in one place.” Vincent Mathys, Search advertising Expert.

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