Gamification : How to best take advantage in the growth in mobile gaming?

Based on a Webinar given by the Mobile Marketing Association in January, we focus on Gamification.

On this topic, we will analyze 4 main points to make the most out of mobile gaming growth:

1. Mobile gamers who are they?

  • 16-64 years
  • Internet users
  • Use a smartphone, feature phone or tablet to play games

2. Key Takeaways

  • Smartphones are the dominant Gaming Device
      • Following the pandemic
  • Mobile Gaming isn’t just for kids & young males anymore
      • Females outnumber the males & all consumers wake up to gaming
  • Playtime is being monitored
      • Privacy is always a concern
  • Casual is key to new audiences
    • Casual is still the basic ingredient for Gaming

3. Key watchouts

  • Transparency & control
    • Can I access/receive a report, activate only OMSDK inventory, etc.
  • Measurability
    • 3rd party verification for Viewability, fraud or brand safety available ?
  • Legal
    • Does vendor offer refund in case of fraud ?
    • What is takedown window (when you must remove ads) ?

4. Brand safety in gaming:

a) 4 Challenges

  • Attracts young & engaged audiences
    • Including Children
  • Lack of measurements standards
    • Makes optimisation & measurement harder
  • Brand Safety is an issue
    • Shooting games, profanity more pronounced in certain games
  • Supply Path varies
    • Device : Mobile in-app, desktop, etc.
    • Where is the audience : Streamers or gamers ?

b) Risk varies depend on placement:

  • Streaming Platform
    • pre/mid-roll
    • Ensure client understands type of games they would be associated with (shooting, puzzle..)
  • Mobile In-App (Video/display)
  • Can contain harmful content
  • Ensure not to target games likely to be played by children (if you advertise sensitive products)
  • In-Game
    • Can see the brand logo in the game itself (doesn’t interrupt the game experience)

c) Mobile In-App Advertising general risks:

  • Viewability
    • Measurement of in-app viewability requires OMSDK* (prioritise App with OMSDK)
  • Invalid Traffic
    • Buy inclusion list of vetted apps, use TAG-certified supply chain, regularly evaluate delivery reports & optimise…
  • Brand Safety/Suitability
    • Depends on the content of the App & actual content (gaming, news, etc.)
  • Precise Geolocation
    • Watch out for local privacy regulations


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