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GDPR is working, so what happens now?

Welcome to this article, since you are reading this it means we have all survived ‘G-day’. The GDPR has come into play on the 25th May. Yes, we knew it was coming and no we were not mentally prepared. At this point the digital world didn’t crumble yet, we all still can use data (it’s just in a different way).

Every company had the period of two years to make changes in order to be GDPR compliant. Making this new way of working a habit, can cause your company to adjust even faster. They ensured all the employers knew what process to follow. In the last month, there were also a lot of email attempts to get customers to keep sharing their data. Every mailbox has been flooded with such mails.

In order to keep being compliant with the GDPR it is important not to just get prepared for it but also applying it into the way your company works.
By now you should have conducted your data protection impact assessment and you should have your Data Protection Officer in place, ready for anything coming your way.

So as long as you collect consumer data, you need to be GDPR compliant. In general, keep a few things in mind, most of them you might be already doing.

– Obtain consent of your consumers
– Have a clear contract between all parties involved
– Make sure to document every action and all the information regarding the handling of the data
– The consumer has the right to be forgotten at any moment
– Keep in mind in each case: what role does your company take? Are you a processor of controller of the data at hand.

Some of you might think the effort you put into the implementation of the GDPR is high,
However the effort of dealing with the consequences is way higher.

If you have any more detailed questions please feel free to read our series of articles that go deeper into each subject of the GDPR.

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