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Google images compete with Pinterest for sponsored ads

“Visual search is growing strong, and Pinterest is at the forefront. The platform’s Lens tool hosted 250 million visual searches in February 2017, and that number increased to 600 million in February 2018.” according to Hootsuite.

Images have a huge impact on social media and are known to greatly increase click-through rates amongst users. To meet this new way of searching, Google enables businesses to highlight multiple products available for sale within their sponsored ad with the “shoppable ads on Google Images”. But Google is not the only one, Pinterest rolled out the exact same feature 3 years ago.

Pinterest has continued to refine and update its visual discovery offerings. Customers are able to purchase and find relevant items based on visual cues and similarities. The difference between Pinterest and Google images is that Google’s version is more advertiser specific.

With the rise of Google Images searches, we’ll be able to target more consumers as they are being accustomed to search on their mobile devices via image match. This could become very interesting for price match and interest based queries.

Being able to look up a photo of a product you see on the street and get all the info you need seems futuristic, but is closer than we think. This opens up ways of advertising we don’t know today, but may rely on tomorrow!” – Vincent Mathys, Search Expert.

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