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Google introduces the Buy Button

It was already announced in December of last year: Google is launching their own ‘Buy Button’, entering the online commerce. It will be deployed in the coming weeks, at first only on mobile devices.

The Buy Button will appear near the Shopping results on mobile, and will not be linked to the Organic search results. When clicked on, the button does not redirect to the retailers website but to a specific Google page. The shipping details can be filled out, as well as the product options like size or color. The transaction itself is also completed on the Google platform, which means that the user will not have to go to the website of the actual retailer.

Google does not take a percentage of the transactions generated through the Buy Button and only charges a normal pay per click fee, identical to the regular search advertising fee.

The retailer however is in charge of the shipping process after Google has transferred the transaction details.

A negative result of this new button for the retailer would be the fact that they will lose traffic on their website, but it shouldn’t affect their sales.  On the contrary, shortening the buying cycle might even boost their sales!

Google made it their mission to simplify the customers buying cycle. Today, where mobile is omnipresent in every facet of our everyday life, accessibility of your website and products is key. That’s  why Google has been proclaiming the importance of having a mobile website for years and has now even started to penalize non-mobile friendly websites by lowering their rank on SEO.

In this same logic, adding a ‘Buy Now’ button on Google Shopping, results in a shorter buying cycle. Mobile commerce has always had a conversion rate problem and this button could address the underlying issues. Completing a transaction on small screen is a hassle with long load times and having to zoom in to perform the most basic tasks on a website.

You won’t need to go to the retailer’s website and fill out your personal information on a – let’s be honest – probably non-mobile friendly website. And you definitely won’t have to look for the product you want to purchase on mobile and afterwards go to your desktop to complete the transaction.

It looks like the Buy Button seems to be a win for all retailers. But what about popular marketplaces like Amazon? Their role as a mobile friendly intermediate retailer with the possibility to ‘buy in one click’ is now put at risk. They’re not the only one offering that service anymore.

Google will most definitely benefit from the Buy Button, as it furthers its status as the king of search and a driver in the move towards mobile.






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