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Google manages to counterattack three fraud botnets

Three of the major ad botnets that rule over the fraud on the Internet have now found resistance.

Botnets are computers infected with a malware that generate fake traffic on ads. They have been a problem since the beginning of online advertising.

Those botnets are developed by fraudsters and used by publishers to undermine the budget of advertisers. It is, of course, illegal and Google has been working on defending its system for years.

Recently, Google announced they developed a feature that can detect traffic from three of the top ad fraud botnets: Bedep, Beetal and Changthangi. Together, these three botnets infect more than 500.000 user machines around the world.

The traffic generated by those botnets is difficult to detect because they developed human-like navigation: They scroll, click and do mouse movements.

Thanks to this new Google feature, advertisers can now filter fake traffic on the Google Display Network and on DoubleClick Bid Manager. The Risk of having fake traffic on your ads has now tremendously decreased.

Andres Ferrate, Chief Advocate at Google Ad Traffic Quality, announced « Our move to consistently and confidently cut out the traffic from these botnets, despite any changes in the malware on which they’re based, represents a significant milestone in the defence of our advertising ecosystem. »



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