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Google’s newest softwares merging their biggest brands !

Google announced at a press conference this morning that they are rebranding their ad offering. They will strengthen their portfolio into 3 new brands.

Adwords that becomes Ads, Google Marketing Platform which is the result of a merge between DoubleClick and Analytics 360 Suite offerings and Google ad manager is the result of a mix between DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president who leads Google’s ad efforts, told the press that Google kept receiving “consistent feedback’s” that the superfluity of ad products and brands could make it confusing for advertisers. Ramaswarmy also said that the rebranding points to “where we want the product to go”.

There is more than just the name that changes for the new Ads platform. Actually, they are also launching a new type of campaign called “Smart campaigns”. Smart campaigns will allow advertisers to identify and then prioritize actions such as phone calls, store visits,… Google then uses their machine learning to optimize the images, text and targeting to drive more of those actions.

In conclusion, the new changes made by Google will not have a big impact on the way we work. These new brands are sold as a way to help publishers and advertisers of all sizes, big and small, by providing solutions, making it even easier to deliver trustworthy ads and giving an accurate experience for consumers across devices and channels.


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