Have you ever dreamed of optimizing your campaigns without losing time? 😎

Google Ads just set up a free service to automatically optimize your campaigns and gives you the opportunity to focus on other activities. This tool identifies key changes that can help you get more out of your ads. For example, restructure your ad groups and modify keywords in order to adjust the bid and update the ad text.

Google Ads stays careful and won’t guarantee results, they are not responsible of the impacts that could occur in campaigns. They ensure that there won’t be any increase in budget.

This is why, for blue2purple and marketers it could be an advantage. It will help the managers meet easily their Key Performance Indicators. We already have experts who can help you define if it is necessary to use this kind of service for your specific account.

“Google keeps pushing their Machine learning algorithm, and this change is the newest step towards it. While results need to be asserted, and most accounts won’t benefit from this, there might be some benefit for large accounts without agencies managing their campaigns.”  Vincent Mathys (facebooklinkedin), Search Advertising Expert.

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