Health: Could the Coronavirus be a lever of change in the digital world?

Finance, health conditions or even fear, mainly for the elderly, for our family members are spreading through all generations. Lack of vaccines, the progress of the virus around the world and the risk for their friends and family are commons topics these days. 

People are desperately in need of vital medication (many people are purchasing medical supplies online, the ad clicks and the conversion rates are both higher than usual) and reassurance, according to WordStream. 


To reassure your users, your SEA is a powerful tool to redirect users to suitable destination pages (cancellation, refund, general information, FAQs). As our experts explained you in a previous article, it is therefore essential to pay attention to produce ads adapted to the context, with a precise message, adapted landing page, in order to drive users optimally


Google Search is even more far-reaching. It allows to highlight emerging Coronavirus outbreaks and discover new kinds of symptoms coming from the daily research of Google’s users. This Search platform could be an advantage in this battle against this common enemy, especially for isolated areas. For example, we were able to detect a lot of research about the loss of smell even before the epidemic took on huge proportions such as in Italy. 


Besides Search Engines, Social media and other internet sources also represent a way to inform yourself about the risk but also get information from your supplier or, as a business, collect concerns from your clients.

Social media also become an essential health resource. People seek and share information about their symptoms, their fears,… To remain attractive, brands need to create : 

  • an engaging social content that needs to be informative and accurate in order to reassure that the public is aware of the current situation (guidelines, issues,…)
  • Share information directly in the social posts and guide the community to credible sources and then combat misinformation


But most importantly, remains on digital channels keep your business name visible and in people’s minds for when customers decide to return. Social media users are likely to remember your brand’s name if you share useful and relevant information even if they never used your services before this pandemic. 


There are other fields of activity that are impacted by the pandemic, the IT teams are challenged every day too. They have to adapt to the changing behaviour of patients and clinicians. Some of them assess patients online or do video appointments, which is a way to help to stop the virus from spreading. This process is called telehealth which allows us to consult directly with health care providers via computer or mobile device. There, you will get all the information you need about your symptoms and what you have to do to recover.


Crowdsourcing and open sources initiatives are also emerging. Many digital initiatives have emerged against the pandemic: articles and studies available for free, setting up platforms that raise money to advance scientific research in technologically developed countries as well as to benefit those who are not fortunate enough to have access to these technical resources, are some examples.


These platforms are there to help us deal with this pandemic and also to inform us about how we can prevent it from spreading through our families and friends.

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