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How Amazon is coping with the increase in purchases on mobile applications?

Mobile e-commerce apps are taking over the market, gaining many users and produce a lot of profits. In 2018, according to Hootsuite, there are 5.135 billions of unique mobile users. It will continue to increase over the years and maybe will outstrip desktops as the main devices for online retail.

These results highlight the fact that mobile shopping applications are becoming an inescapable tool for advertisers. To meet that, Amazon has decided to insert video ads in its shopping app. This will expand the reach of an ad product. Amazon’s key advantage in regard to Facebook or Google is that the ads are based on highly personalized data about the customers. According to Retail Dive, people turn to Amazon when they are most ready to buy unlike when they look through Facebook and YouTube for news or entertainment.

With this new option, as an advertiser, you will be namely able to increase the visibility or reach of your client’s brand, be able to develop a real storytelling and collect information about their customers.

Leveraging the power of Mobile Marketing & the trends of using shopping apps is crucial in our digital world.
Most of product searches starts directly on retailer’s websites & apps.
At blue2purple, we offer the ability to advertise your product on such platforms with advertising solution as Amazon Marketing, Google Shopping, … Alexis Draguet, Search Advertising Expert.

One strength of amazon is that they have lots of data about their clients, meaning that they offer the possibility to granulary target customers. Also, if we usually think that advertising on Amazon is mostly suitable for FMCG, the placement can also efficiently serve other products such as movies or car brands.

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