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How attribution model could help you achieve your objectives?

Not a day goes by in the life of a marketing agency without an intense discussion about attribution.
Indeed, this complex subject is at the center of every marketeer’s attention.
Therefore, it can be wise to take a step back and think about ways to find actual actionable solutions, in order to achieve your objectives.

When discussing and analyzing attribution models it is mandatory to keep in mind that there is no perfect model that allows a holistic view of your results.
This is a dream we all have but unfortunately it has not yet been created.
It is more about choosing “the best available solution” for your business.

There are two layers to think about when analysing attribution:

  • Business attribution: How will I aggregate the results of all channels and analyze their efficiency towards my macro-level objectives?
  • Channel attribution: How do I want to read, analyze and optimize my campaigns towards reaching my micro-level objectives?

Your model doesn’t have to necessarily be the same on both layers. It can vary in function of the solutions offered by your platforms and your KPI’s.
When analyzing your results, consider the strengths and weaknesses of your model and take actions accordingly.

Quote: “Attribution is a strong tool that allows to obtain significant uplifts when chosen in function of business/campaign needs. Being realistic about what they can offer is a real game-changer when taking business related decisions” Gaëtan Meert, Digital Strategy Consultant.

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