How brand lift study may help you know if people remembered you ?

Do you ever wonder, if your audience will remember you or your ad when launching a campaign? Well, with a brand lift study you can measure this for sure. This study measures the direct impact of your ad regarding your audience’s behavior in the customer’s journey.

A campaign ran with a Brand Lift Study when you link a poll to your ad. Logically this study is recommended when you’re running a big campaign.

Your reach has to consist of at least one million people (Wallonia and Flanders). You have to keep in mind that you’ll never reach 20% of your audience, it is the control group : people who won’t see your ads but be asked to answer your questions. In order to measure if your campaign had an impact or not.

Just a little tip from our experts, in order to know if your Facebook campaign had an impact, it’s advised to not run any other campaign at the same time. Except when the other campaign doesn’t target the same audience.

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Do you want to create awareness around your brand, be on top of mind of your audience? blue2purple can help you define a clear goal to create clear questions for your poll.

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