How does SEA enable us to communicate properly during crisis situations?

There is no doubt that communication is the key to handle crisis management. The more transparent and more comprehensive it is, the more effective its management is. 

Therefore, an advertiser needs to use all the available marketing channels he has to communicate. Consumers can quickly find the information they need. The advertiser can use sitelinks and separate ad groups (by thematic) to capture the exact matter. 

SEA enables driving the user according to his precise search by creating specific and segmented keywords and ad groups redirecting to suitable destination pages (cancellation, refund, general information, FAQs). 

It is, therefore, essential to pay attention to produce ads adapted to the context, with a precise message, changed landing page, to drive users optimally. 

On top of that, segmenting the different sources of questioning allows the advertiser to answer their question as precisely as possible to create effective communication but also nourish different audiences and grow his different remarketing audiences.


All SEA tools enhance consumer’s experience with the brand and thus strengthens their loyalty. During a crisis, as we are living right now, the user reminds us that he will find the necessary, useful, and “tangible” information on your website. It also enhances the consumer’s sense of reliability to the advertiser, knowing that we take them into account. 


Here are some tips to keep your business going : 

  • Sitelinks redirecting to the different issues (cancellation, refund, deferral, delivery service)
  • Ad extensions (call extension, rental extension (pharma etc))
  • Keywords combined with the brand and possible searches (combined with COVID 19, cancellation, refund, and so forth.)
  • Keyword insertion


Stay tuned; our experts will give you other insights and tips on how to manage your campaigns and your strategy on day-to-day.


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