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How Google Ads take one step further to protect your privacy?

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation or, in other words : GDPR, big companies such as Google or even Facebook has been forced to modify their private data protection policies to reduce the potential fear coming from this. 

Google followed this societal need and released a new ad format using machine learning to further protect you privacy. This new format is available on YouTube homepage feed, Gmail promotion tab and Discovery ads on Google Search

Gallery ads will appear in a photo gallery format on Google Search. When you tap on the ads, a text headline will appear giving you more details about the product you are looking at. You also will be able to swipe up on the product to gather more details about it. 

Google’s Discovery ads format

The machine learning process will help you get the most out of data available to marketers by creating creatives from preexisting assets and to give you the exact placement online. Google is supporting the data privacy by building tools which protect them. 

These tools will help marketers in their job by easily acquire new customers and create loyalty more easily. For example with the mobile web and mobile experiences, you will be able to deep link and report on campaigns between these 2 channels. This deep linking that marketers could do with Google Ads is giving them the ability to create a more efficient environment and avoiding waste of time. The delicate information such as credit card number that you filled in won’t have to be reentered when you switch on mobile web. 

These new features developed by Google are being clear with the data they collected and the reasons why but also, create a more direct relationship with customers and respect the settings preferences when they decide to be targeted or not by an ad. 

“New ad formats are always exciting. With gallery ads and discovery campaigns we have two more tools in our box to create value for our clients and get the right message to the right people in the right format.” Vincent Mathys, Search Advertising Expert.

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