How instant gratification changes messaging strategy ?

An effective messaging strategy is the bedrock upon which you can build customer engagement and conversion. It changes the buying process. More importantly, people are looking for instant gratification through their customer’s experience. They want to be able to buy or get answers as quickly as possible. You need to be in the starting blocks.

Messaging is an anywhere, anytime, single-thread platform with a unique ability to shorten the distance between wanting and owning. It gives the ability to companies to erase any sort of delay. But, it also gives the opportunity to capitalize on that desire. Companies are taking consumer anxiety and sprinting with it. For marketers, it’s a good way to provoke desire and excitement. It substitutes the deep pleasure of earned enjoyment with the fleeting pleasure of instant enjoyment.

For blue2purple, messaging is an opportunity to evolve the customer experience with an added value, to have even wider audiences on the market, to test and see the evolution of the strategy they put in place.

Ps : Consumers find it easier and more reliable to send a direct message than using a traditional customer support. Don’t let it go ! Don’t let it go ! Don’t let it go 💥

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