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How Marketers can benefit from the Snapchat Pixel

In the same idea as the Facebook Pixel, the Snapchat Pixel allows marketers to track users’ activities outside of the Snapchat app, after they’ve clicked on an ad. In order to make it effective and track their Snapchat audience, marketers need to install the Snapchat Pixel on their website.

How to install the Snapchat Pixel
Only a few steps are needed to install the Snapchat Pixel.

Step 1: Connect on your ad account and click “Snap Pixel”
Step 2: Click on “Create my Snap Pixel”
Step 3: Click on “Set up my Snap Pixel”
Step 4: Copy the Snapchat Pixel
Step 5: Connect on WordPress and paste the Snapchat Pixel into the header and footer
Well done! The Snapchat Pixel is now installed into your website.

What are the benefits for Marketers
This new tool allows advertisers and business to track their marketing campaigns performance in order to measure and optimize.

Thanks to the Snap Pixel, advertisers who want to sell targeted and direct response goods or services can have access information to track their customer’s journey from start to end, regardless the device they are using.

In more detail, this new functionality can help marketers to track all the consumer’s journey from acquisitions, growth and revenue observed in Snapchat campaigns.

Specific goals that Marketers can achieve

  1. Measure events that matter
    It is possible to track all the actions on any website and across all devices.
  2. Reach the perfect audience
    The Snap Pixel helps marketers to create audience and lookalikes based on the activity on their website.
  3. Adapt the actions according to real-time results
    Thanks to the real-time data, marketers can optimize their campaigns more specifically and with a greater granularity.

The platform announced that they are planning to continue those improvements of measurement tools in the coming months. A release of more features is planned in order to help marketers increase their reach of their audiences on Snapchat.

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