How new technologies are changing our daily mobility?

The 2020 Brussels Motor Show opens its doors from the 10th to the 19th of January on the theme of electrification. Offering a wide choice of vehicles operating on European territory: SUVs, family cars, convertibles,… this event brought together more than 540 000 visitors, last year. 

This year, presentation of new mobility technologies take place during this event: micro mobility, various technologies and shared vehicles. These new mobility solutions are part of our daily lives. 


Whether it’s motorcycles, cars or the announcement of a new vehicle soon to be available on the market, the Motor Show represents a real opportunity for vehicle vendors to promote their products. During a quarter, exhibitors have the opportunity to place their products in niches and advertising spaces located in the dedicated public areas. Through simple messages and eye-catching colours, the advertisements are designed to encourage purchase. By playing with the sense of belonging or simply on humour, brands highlight the safety, connectivity and even power of their products. The latter is also an element that poses a problem in the face of climate issues. 

Some associations are calling to stop producing advertisement for cars with emissions of more than 95 grams of CO2/km, whose speed and power as well as weight are considered excessive or even dangerous for pedestrians… These associations mainly target SUVs, which represent 40% of vehicles sold in 2019 in Belgium

The automotive industry faces many advertising restrictions: social responsibility by not encouraging the transgression of rules of prudence or road safety, respect for the environment, price referencing,… For example, when a vehicle seller produces an advertisement referring to consumer credit, it must mention “Beware, borrowing money costs money”. 


The automotive companies then develop their visual and strategic creativities regarding the promotion of their products in order to obtain an adequate return on investment for the maintenance of their activities.

Despite what one might think, advertising plays an important role in our society like a whistle-blower. It has both good and bad sides. If we did not produce advertisements, certain situations would be unknown for the public, such as highway safety, which does not distinguish types of vehicles but takes into account our well-being and our lives. These alerts have also led to an improvement in vehicle technology (warning when a pedestrian is close, crossing white lines, etc.). 


The environment is a crucial element in the proper monitoring of our daily lives, but technology is evolving and is giving way to new innovations that will be implemented in vehicles in the near future.

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