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How Search & Programmatic could be an obvious avenue for nonprofits and charities?

Programmatic’s point of view

The unpredictable source of revenue and the amount of available funds could be a real challenge to develop a digital marketing strategy of a charity.

However, in order to mitigate this problem, programmatic advertising offers a tailored buying method compared to traditional digital buying method (direct/insertion order).

By using this kind of advertising buying method, you will have access to a panel of formats and inventories which will be appropriate while choosing the budget you want to invest (there is no mandatory minimum investment amount). In comparison, direct buying method requires you to invest a minimum media budget to get access to some formats or inventory.

To conclude, more and more things become now available in programmatic and the gap with direct buying is increasingly shrinking.

“We are convinced that programmatic is the future of advertising and will overtake direct buying soon in terms of variety of formats and available inventory.
Furthermore, this method offers many advantages (agility, no minimum investment, avoid silos…). All those, make programmatic an unavoidable advertising tool in digital marketing, and even more for charities regarding all the characteristics of this buying method.
Moreover, offline channels will be available soon on programmatic, making this technology a key “tool’ for every digital marketer.” Simon Crabbe, Programmatic Expert.

Search’s point of view

Advertising on Google may not be an obvious avenue for nonprofits and charities. Bidding between companies often seems ruthless. With constrained budgets, marketing is often one of the first posts to get cut.

This is where Google Grants come in.

$10,000 USD in monthly advertising budget from Google to get the word out about your nonprofit could be the boost you need to attract new volunteers, increase your donations and get in touch with the people you’re trying to help.

After passing the certification and getting through the qualification process, the grant works like any other Google Ads account. You set up your own campaigns and ads (or get help from an accredited agency), and start advertising free of charge!

Sharing your message with the world has never been easier than today through online platforms, and with Google, it’s affordable for those fighting for a social cause!

Google Grants is the perfect opportunity for any charity or nonprofit out there needing the extra reach and support. It costs nothing to apply, so don’t hesitate! “ Vincent Mathys, Search Advertising Expert.

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