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How Seasonal adjustments on Google Ads predict traffic changes?

For advertisers, september not only means that the “Back to school” campaigns are running, but also that the final preparations for the holiday period are coming up.

Smart bidding strategies, such as tCPA and tROAS have over the years evolved to anticipate the rise in traffic and conversions during the holiday period. But more punctual promotions often aren’t as easily detectable and required manual changes to target and budget to grasp the full uplift.

To help advertisers with this common issue, Google launched seasonality adjustments. A tool that lets you inform your bidding algorithm that some traffic changes are up ahead. You’ll be able to increase the predicted conversion rate and make sure the algorithm bids accordingly.

“This new feature for Google ads seems necessary as algorithms are still learning and can’t recognise the full potential of an uplift in a short time-frame. We’ll be testing this feature in our next campaigns!”- Vincent Mathys, our Search Advertising Expert.


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