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How to avoid wasted impressions and clicks with Google My Business?

Localise your customers is an important part for local businesses. Google My Business help you to locate your business via Search but also Google Maps.
This geo-targeting tool helps you deliver advertisement and content to customers based on their geographic location.
The updates made by Google My Business will let you the opportunity to share your service and information about your business such as physical location(s).

For marketers as blue2purple, it is a good strategy to adopt in order to avoid wasted impression and clicks. This will provide you a better reach of your audience but also increase your visibility. Geo-targeting is key to an efficient use of marketing funds for retail businesses especially.

This technique has specific advantages :

  • improve your user experience : it will help you to improve the UX experience of your website for example.
  • offer interesting content : it will let you the opportunity to personalise your advertisement.
  • adjust advertising : this will improve your advertising return.
  • spread promotions : sending alerts suggesting where people could buy and what they are looking for is a good push for your strategy.
  • speed up services : waitings are reduced because the customer is having the information from the nearest server.
  • get ahead on events : This tool could give you the chance to increase your ticket sales for example.
  • prevent fraud.

It’s actually an unavoidable tool for the awareness of your brand.

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