How to create a social friendly video in 7 steps?

Digital video consumption grows daily and brands turn to online video advertising next to their traditional offline campaigns.  Just measuring your video views only won’t show you the value of your video. 

These tips will help you create a social friendly video:

  1. Keep your video short. Facebook tells us that the impact increases with the time that people spent to watch your video. Nevertheless, using a shorter video is better for your audience and your performance. The first 3 seconds are responsible for 47% of total ad recall.
    If you know that the average video length is 55 seconds on facebook and that people watch on average 18 seconds of a video, it’s obvious that a lot of videos are too long on social media. A video under 20 seconds is recommended.

  2. Because of this, you need to cut right to the chase. You need to catch your audience’s eye in the first 3 seconds.
  3. Make sure your copy and description support your video.
  4. Choose the appropriate thumbnail for your video. You want to draw in people who disable autoplay. Don’t choose a thumbnail with too much text, otherwise it is going to perform worse and you risk ad disapproval from Facebook.
  5. Vertical formats perform better than horizontal ones, thanks to its mobile friendliness. The more space you take on a mobile device, the less chance there is for another brand to show up. Besides this, a vertical format has shown to have an ad recall and action intent that are around 2 times as high as a horizontal format.

  6. Remember to put subtitles or even animated text on your videos. According to RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary, 85% of Facebook video viewers listen to videos without sound. This doesn’t mean that you should eliminate the sound in your video. Facebook recommends to create your video without sound, but to add sound for the people who watch it with sound on.
  7. Launch your videos on different placements to make sure to reach a maximum of people on a more cost-effective way (this is recommended for each type of post.)

“These 7 steps are guidelines. They are not all necessarily a must. There are cases in which the exact opposite works. In order to know for sure what works best for your brand you need to test, test and test.” Femke Deweer, our Social Advertising Expert

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