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How to drive innovation?

blue2purple had the chance to attend the exclusive event Travel@Google organised in Google EMEA headquarters in Dublin last week on April 25th and 26th.

It has been observed in many advertising companies that marketeers don’t have the right connections internally in order to make big changes and move their company further in the digital world. This is related to the fact that not only the marketing team should be involved in that transformation process.

Therefore, the marketeers need to go beyond their marketing team and include other departments as well.

How to implement that solution by proceeding methodically?

Making a stakeholder mapping constitutes the starting point. In order to map it correctly and make sure that every stakeholder is taken into consideration, there is a process which can be easily followed by the company.

First step would be to think about a project that the company wants to work on. Second step is to define all the different stakeholders related to that project. In the third step, there should be a description of the benefits for them and how the company can find common grounds to get them to jump on the same boat.


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