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How to leverage Facebook for non-profits and charities

As a social platform with the mission to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”, Facebook was bound to offer solutions to help non-profit and charities achieve their awareness and recruitment goals.

The giant also provides grants for independent research (politics is a hot topic) and community building, but at its sole discretion. We would have hoped for a similar program to Google’s Ad Grants that automatically offers ad budget on its platform to eligible partners.

However, if you’re an ONG or a non-profit, you’ll probably find a tool that can help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few examples:

    1. Blood donations: Facebook developed a blood donation feature that lets people sign up to be notified when blood banks need help (more than 35M have already done so). Any blood donation org can register to automatically reach nearby blood donors when needed. You can specify the blood types needed (or not) or even create an event for a specific blood drive. You can find all the info and best practices here: https://socialgood.fb.com/health/blood-donations/
    2. Free fundraising through Facebook: Facebook offers its Charitable Giving Tool for free to eligible charities, allowing them to add a Donate button to their Facebook page and access to their complete Fundraiser API. All donations go through Facebook Payment solution, 100% free of charge. Anyone in an eligible country can also create a fundraiser for the non-profit of his choice. Facebook has recently been pushing the feature for birthdays to raise awareness.
    3. Finally, standard ad campaigns on Facebook can sometimes be very productive for non-profit and charities. The leverage of video assets or lead forms during campaigns allowed some organisations to achieve great results. An example is Be The Match, the largest and most diverse bone marrow registry in the world, who achieved a 4.2x increase in registrations for people exposed to their ads YoY, and managed to reach a new audience of more ethnically diverse applicants who historically were underrepresented in the registry. Read the complete story here: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/be-the-match

“Despite the controversies surrounding the impact of Facebook on our society, the platform can also have a positive impact on communities. With tools to bring awareness to societal issues or collect blood donations, the platform is launching commendable efforts to improve people’s lives.” Antoine Struelens, Head of Social.

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