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Web Summit 2019 : How to move from customers centricity to people centricity?

Today’s sessions are focused on people and how they interact with products and services. They are more than just consumers of the brand, they become actors in it. Brands have understood this phenomenon and have created products or services that interact with their customers

AI and VR could be a good way to create and inhabit multiple lives. But how will these technologies change us as social beings? Eugene Chung from Penrose Studios will share with us how these emerging technologies will impact our way to interact as humans. 

Have you ever dreamed of flying in your car? After Franky Zapata flew on his 2 legs using his flying board from france to England, do you think it would be possible to fly with your own car to the destination of your dreams? David Wallerstein, Chief Exploration Officer of Tencent Holdings & Daniel Wiegand, CEO/President of Lilium Aviation will explain us how technology can facilitate transport even further? Self-driving cars, ride-hailing and micro-mobility are building the mobility of tomorrow. Brad Bao, Co-founder & CEO of Lime, Sam Zaid, Fouder & CEO of Getaround, Corinne Vigreux, Co-founder & Founder of TomTom & Codam, Xiaodi Hou, Co-founder & CTO of TuSimple will give us their insights about the promises offered by these new technologies and discuss where we are heading.

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