How to optimise your shop visits with Smart Bidding?

This new feature, or work around, can help advertisers whose main goal is to drive traffic to their offline stores. As we all know, shop visits are available in google ads since a few years, but the main struggle for search experts was to include these conversions into their smart bidding strategies. 

As google’s strategy is mainly focused on feedback, they listened to these search experts who really wanted to add these offline sales into the entire customer funnel

There are two ways of implementing this new feature to your campaigns. 

The first : Add your store visits conversions into your smart bidding strategies at the account level. 

The second : During the Google Marketing Live 2019, google presented the conversions actions set at campaign level which gives the opportunity for Search Marketers to test this specific conversions. This new feature can help you to try smart bidding strategies with shop visits included. 

“Smart bidding with shop visits is a real game changer, as it allows search Marketeers to optimise for online AND offline conversions.” Bruno Durbecq, Head of Search.

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