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How to optimize your local SEO?

[Mobilosoft] The objective of local SEO (or local natural referencing) is to position an institution’s web page favourably in search engines. An additional dimension is therefore added to the traditional referencing because the Internet user’s request has a local connotation, either by the nature of his search, or by the addition of a place. Examples: Italian restaurants (Paris).

Mastering local SEO is a major challenge for large retailers (or any structure operating a catchment area). It boosts their local visibility on the Internet and inevitably generates traffic to their physical points of sale.

Google My Business is one of the best known and most effective services in this field. In addition to a presence on Google Maps, it offers visibility in a specific insert on the first page of Google results.

Among the levers of local positioning, three stand out from the others:

  • Referencing the pages of institutions.
  • Manage customer reviews.
  • Publish content regularly.

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