How to predict & measure the impact of an ad

Marketers know the importance to create a qualitative advertisement in a creative and effective way. These kind of advertisements will motivate the desired behaviors within your customer’s mind.

For sure, in order to create an effective ad, you need data to develop an accurate strategy and ad. Creative Compass from Facebook will help to predict the impact of your ads, in advance, on different points :

  1. Noticeability
  2. Brand association
  3. Emotional reward
  4. Message comprehension
  5. Call to action

This pre-testing tool will help businesses understand in which proportion the audience will take action after seeing the ad. blue2purple can help you to create exponential value for your ads using this system.

It’s essential for a company to predict what could be a competitive advantage and not to speculate, assume or guess in order to deal with international competition. Quantitative and qualitative data can provide an effective way to advertise.

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