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How YouTube ad sequencing is a real game changer for your strategy?

DV360 has released a new feature : the ability to buy sequenced ads on Youtube through programmatic. 

With video ad sequencing, you will be able to create a story for your brand and your products. The advantage? The ability to choose the order of your videos and show each user that has seen the first video the following one in the sequence. This allows you to implement real storytelling in your campaigns. This tool will help to build interest, reinforce your core message and/or even create a unified theme for your brand’s positioning

As experts, we find that this new tool is a real game changer. We now have the opportunity to reach users with a bumper ad to build interest and then follow-up with those users in other longer ads or even another bumper ad, which was not possible before. This new feature is also available for all formats and buying methods : CPV, CPM, skippable/unskippable/bumper ads.

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