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Instagram : a must have for business

blue2purple has launched its own Instagram account, but what are the benefits of that social media for your business?

Instagram has always been an important social media. Currently, Instagram has more than 300 million monthly active users and 50 times more engagement rate than Facebook’s one. Instagramers are the most engaged and devoted people among all social media channels, spending on average 257 minutes a month on the app! Accordingly, they are more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook and Twitter users.
Moreover, Instagramers are not just browsing through the endless content, they are using it to discover new products and brands. On Instagram, sharing a post is quite simple, making it more accessible than other types of content.

Besides, with Facebook’s technologies for Instagram, we can pinpoint a specific group of users to show them the product. The ad design on the photo sharing platform blends with the rest of the people’s feed without being invasive in their experience. Thereby, Instagramers see those advertisements in their news feed as it could be posted by someone they are following, a new kind of native advertising.

Why could it be useful for your company?
With an Instagram business account, you get an access to the statistic where you can see which post got the most likes, comments, shares, which time of the day has the most impact, the demographics of the followers and how much time they spend on Instagram per day. Furthermore, the big data collected on Instagram gives insights to companies so that they can create more relevant posts.

In conclusion, the future will be all about visuals and Instagram understood it well. The photo sharing platform is already an important place to advertise and the social media will allow its users to shop through Instagram in the near future.


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