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Instagram integrates Facebook’s shoppable collection ads


Just like they did with Canvas, Facebook decided, after testing it on other platforms, to expand their multimedia ad unit on Instagram. The ad format is seeking to digitize the print product catalog by enabling eye catching videos placed above swipeable carousels. By a simple click, they send the visitors to a page where they will find the individual products.

These ads appear with a picture or video with smaller images of the individual products under it and a title of 90 characters. If you are planning to launch a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, you can choose a different title for each platform.

These ad formats are not exactly the same as the Facebook original shoppable collection ads. Actually, on Facebook you can show up to 4 pictures of your product while on Instagram you can only show 3 pictures. Therefore, if you want to run a Facebook and Instagram campaign, you can post 4 pictures on Facebook. Regarding Instagram, the platform will dynamically select 3 of these 4 pictures.

Besides, when you tap on a product on Facebook, it brings the visitor on a page that prioritizes this specific product. On Instagram, it does not prioritize the product but the brand. Indeed, whether the visitor decides to click on a product such as a blue sweater from a brand or a green sweater from the same brand, they will both bring him to the same page. On Facebook, those two products would have brought him on two different pages. Once he arrives on this page, as it is the case on Facebook, he can learn about the product and choose to buy it. With these ads, e-commerce advertisers can improve their revenues as it is a new sales channel.
For more information about Instagram’s shoppable collection ads, you can read this article released by Instagram: https://business.instagram.com/a/collection-on-instagram


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