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Virtuology Digital Week – first edition #VDWEEK2018

With 24 talks, 9 workshops and more than 400 participants Virtuology’s Digital Week was all about “Empowering You”.
Leading Experts in Digital shared their experience and enthusiastic vision during some passionate workshops and debates.

Our special guest, PhD. Idriss Aberkane, gave us an inspiring lecture about his view on « The Economy of Knowledge ».
He praised knowledge as « an infinite resource which takes value as more as we share it ».

We also had the honor to welcome Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belgium and Luxembourg who shared with us his view on today’s unlimited digital opportunities.
He sees the 4 billions of internet users across the globe as inhabitants of a country named Digitalis.

Thierry demonstrates that technological progress will offer us the unique opportunity to face societal challenges such as health, wellbeing, education and mobility.
He also challenged our international ambition by asking this question : « Could Belgium become the capital of Digitalis? ».

The other workshops were based on #DataDrivenTransformation, #VideoPerformance, #MarketingAutomation, #Web-to-Store, #DigitalMarketingStrategy, #DigitalAdvertising and the different possibilities that the #GoogleMarketingPlatform can offer. The Virtuology Group invites you for the next year edition.
Be prepared for the #VDWWEK2019 🚀

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