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Laurence is now Google Elevator certified

Congratulations to our Managing Director Laurence Baeten who completed the Google Elevator Program. 


Each year, Google selects a group of their top performing Premium Partner agency and this year, they chose blue2purple to participate in the Elevator Program. This program is designed to help directors and CEOs of badged agencies grow faster. We’ve been selected because we provided remarkable results for our clients and challenge the market with our innovative approaches. Google detected a high potential for further growth at blue2purple. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you the best expertise but also greater performance, we’ve been working closely with Google for the last 12 years. We’re constantly updated about the latest features, trainings and certifications to ensure our partners get the best results possible for their campaigns. 

Receiving the opportunity to join the Google Elevator Program was a chance for blue2purple to grow on all pillars of a business: Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Finance and People. Allowing blue2purple to set the strategy for the coming three years and have the whole team aligned when it comes to our ambitions. 


Thanks to the wonderful coaches our agency grew significantly on all aspects essential to make a business successful!

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