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Marketing automation

Building a company and having a 1:1 relationship with your customer seems easy when you start your business. However, after a while, when your company is starting to get much more customers, keeping a caring contact with each one of them could become laborious and a marketing team requires a large number of resources.

Thus, marketing automation comes into place! When people hear “automation” they start thinking “spam”, something inhuman, cold or impersonal. No mistake! Marketing automation helps a company by using a software which executes and manages automated marketing processes and tasks, replacing manual and repetitive processes. To illustrate, if a prospect downloads a product, the software will record the action and offer the prospect a way of using the product through a mail.

How does it work?

Firstly, the marketing automation monitors and saves the customers’ actions. Afterwards, with those information it becomes easier to analyse their navigation on the Internet, their actions on e-mailing and their interactions with enterprises on social networks. In other words, you have the persona of each customer. Then, you need to engage with your prospects by asking them to follow your company on social networks, sign up for your newsletter or redirect them to your website for more information. Through that kind of process, your customer won’t be anonymous anymore and the exchange will be personalized!

How does marketing automation could be useful for blue2purple?

The Purpleteam could offer its clients and customers a personalized answer for each one of them with content that matters, giving us the opportunity to maintain a 1:1 contact while focusing on other tasks that will help the clients grow even bigger. The marketing automation technology does not run perfectly yet and needs to be improved, but in the near future it will be of great use for many companies looking to help their clients, consumers and customers the best way they can.

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