Narrative or punchy video? A creative story

Once upon a time, blue2purple went to Google offices to discover the vision of video ads from speakers coming from across the globe. Their quest was to give us their opinion on how to produce effective ads by using Youtube content, creative insights, Programmatic perspective and news on the Youtube platform. To accomplish this mission, they were armed with Machine Learning.

They explained the importance of creativity in ads. To do so, Machine Learning gives us better insights, analyses consumers’ patterns and gives us tips to produce creative ads.

They demonstrated that bumper-ads remain important to create effective ads. So, begin an ad in a punchy way is important to get viewers’ attention. A narrative story is essential to convey the core message of your business. Machine learning help you to target the audience by adding similar videos to the first one or skip to others.

To produce an effective video ad, it’s important to convey narrative and punchy parts. It helps to gain social currency or share emotion. Creativity is important to produce qualitative ads. blue2purple helps you to have a strategy to produce an ad and not just an entertainment. To be continued…

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