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New & Enhanced features on AdWords


Dynamic search ads-who's who

A while back, Google noticed that of the billions of daily searches made on their search platform, almost 20% were unique search querries. At the same time, Product inventories grew and shifted leaving a lot of content hidden within websites. That’s why they introduced the Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

DSA helps you reach your customers with the best information at the moment they are searching for it. With DSA you don’t need to manage keywords, it uses Google’s organic web crawling technology to determine which search queries to show ads for. Your ads’ headlines are created in fundtion of what you offer and the search queries that triggered your ads.

Now Google improved their Dynamic Search Ads. In addition to crawling and indexing the pages of your website, DSA now organizes its content into recommended categories for targeting your ads.

“Recommended categories are customized to the products and services you offer, for example “furniture,” and only trigger ads for search queries where you have a relevant landing page.”

Once you’ve selected your categories you can also see examples of the searches volumes you’ll be targeting, the ads that will appear and the pages you customers will land on.

Next to enhanced DSA, Google also introduced Search ads on Google Play.

With more than 1 billion people using android devices, Google play has an enormous potential. Search ads on Google Play aso provide a new way for consumers to find apps they otherwise might have missed.


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In a few weeks, Universal App campaigns will be introduced to make it even easier to promote your apps across all Google properties (Search, YouTube, AdMob, Google Play,..). You just have to determine the message of your ad, who you want to target, your budget, your target cost-per-install and Google will do the rest.

To track the conversions made with this new advertising tool, Google also introduced “Android first app opens”, wich measures when a user first opens an app after clicking on your ad and completing the android app install.







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