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Non-skippable ads, do or don’t?

Google is bringing the 15-second non-skippable video ad format from YouTube over to Google Ads, Display and Video 360. Mixing unskippable and skippable ads could have a more appropriate impact depending on your goals.

Google is giving all advertisers the ability to run 15-second non-skippable video ads. These will be displayed across YouTube and Google video ad partners.

It’s important to remember that non-skip campaigns can irritate users. So we have to develop the appropriate strategy to avoid that kind of situation, as marketers. This is why blue2purple may help you define which types of advertising you should advocate.

Skippable ads are more user-friendly. The people who do watch this type of ad are probably genuinely interested in the message, unlike users who cannot skip and merely want to watch the video content after the trailer. On the other hand, non-skippable ads do mean more people see your message and tends to be cheaper.

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